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"It's easy to paint when you don't know how, and very difficult when you do." ~ Edgar Degas

Yellow House Mauve Sky


"Morris lacked any idea of what to do with his life.  His relatives were accountants, druggists, morticians, nothing suited him.  Worse, he lacked confidence.  As he often said, he was only a mouse.  

But he liked art, he could draw, and he loved color.  Yellow cornbread on a purple plate.  A red barn under an orange sky.  These made his eyes brighten and his whiskers stiffen.  Maybe he could be an artist."

This fable for adults is available at the following locations: 
In Truchas, New Mexico at the Judith Hert Gallery and The High Road Art Gallery
 In Chimayo, New Mexico at Rancho de Chimayo
 In Taos, New Mexico at the Taos Art Museum
 In Santa Fe, New Mexico at Artisan Art Supplies Store and Santa Maria Provisions